Sunshine Transit

659 Herbert Ave
Winnipeg, MB R2L 1G1
Phone: 204.667.5332
Fax: 204.691.9788

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Sunshine Transit is a full-service wheelchair transportation company that has been in business since 2014. We offer complete door-to-door service to customers in Winnipeg and out of town. We have a wide range of vehicles to accommodate your needs from vans, buses and a wheelchair Accessible Limousine

Winnipeg’s first and only wheelchair accessible limousine service.

Sunshine Limousines are designed to accommodate everyone, regardless of ability. Large groups and wheelchair passengers alike will appreciate the spacious interior, high-end finishes and accessible features of the MV-1 LX luxury limousine. 

  • A large and comfortable cabin for 5 passengers or one wheelchair with three passengers 
  • Extra wide 36″x56″ side access door and ramp 
  • High-end finishes including French-stitched supple leather seating, walnut trim and armchair comfort 
  • Refreshment center, power outlets and entertainment system

You can expect caring, professionally trained drivers and affordable on-time luxury service from Sunshine Limousine.