Hear from satisfied clients who have hosted an outstanding and successful convention, meeting or event in Winnipeg!

"Delta Winnipeg staff did a great job. Winnipeg is a very friendly place."
- Duncan Grant, Association of Canadian Archivists
"Winnipeg provided the CACP many venues to host a first class social, networking and professional development experience. Thank you to the entire Community for the opportunity to host our annual event in your city."
- Peter Cuthbert, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
"Winnipeg is the perfect place to meet with its central location, one-of-a-kind venues, expanding convention centre, and friendly hospitality. Delegates had a wonderful experience exploring all the city’s exciting new developments."
- Michael Anderson, CAE, Canadian Society of Association Executives
"Winnipeg is a great city to plan a meeting in. The staff is friendly and the service is excellent and the prices are very competitive."
- Meghan Corbeil, Meeting Coordinator, Canadian Orthopaedic Association
"Winnipeg was a fabulous destination filled with wonderful tour options and great weather! I was so impressed with the city and all that it had to offer our delegates. We also very much appreciated the care and attention that you showed to us throughout the process."
- Ann-Michele Ewert, Vero Consulting Ltd. (Mennonite Economic Development Associates 2014 Convention)
"The staff at Tourism Winnipeg were superbly supportive."
- Tracey Drabyk-Zirk, Canadian 4-H Council
"When you've got 600 book lovers in town, it helps to have 6,000 years of history to show them.
- Wendy Walton, Conference & Events Manager, Canadian Library Association
"It really is the warmest place to meet. The people are fantastic and we could not have felt more welcome. Loved working with everyone at Tourism Winnipeg.
- Wendy Walton, Conference & Events Manager, Canadian Library Association
"It was very convenient to meet in the hotel that joined with the convention centre."
- Katherine McColgan
"Winnipeg...its so not what people expect. People think that Winnipeg is mosquitoes and cold weather. Our delegates found a warm and exciting city. With great amenities and lots to do and see. Having watched our entertainment (Folklorama based) some said they would like to come back just to experience this festival. Winnipeg seems to be all grown-up now and ready to roll!! It truly is one great city!!"
-Angie Boehm, Canadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources
As a former Winnipegger, it was very exciting for me to attend the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's festival in Winnipeg. It's very clear that in recent years Winnipeg has rediscovered and embraced its tradition of achievement in architecture and design, and has focused this energy wisely into transformative projects in many parts of the city.While the festival was mainly a national event for the professional community, the imagination and creativity that defined the public events came from Winnipeg architects. Playing golf in downtown alleys at midnight with tennis balls was a truly "only in Winnipeg" moment, and the closing party, Table for 1200, showed the city at its best -- fun, unpretentious, smart and sexy. The RAIC will be looking closely at the week's events as we think about defining future events across the country. One thing is clear to us: Winnipeg's influence will be felt."
- Allan Teramura, Regional director, Ontario North, East and Nunavut, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
"Our logo was 'embrace the spirit' and our delegates embraced Winnipeg. A wonderful city with so much To offer very friendly."
- Maria Coutu, Canadian Catholic School Trustees Association
"Winnipeg exceeded our expectations for hosting the IAWP 2014 Conference. The downtown business community was supportive and welcomed our delegates. It made us proud to show off all the great venues to our International friends."
- Sandra Martin, Detective Sergeant, Winnipeg Police Service
"The major benefits for us as an organization is that we get to experience the culture that is in this area, which is a diverse culture. The feedback I’ve had from those on those (companion) tours has been absolutely fantastic. I've been to Canada several times, mainly with IWP but it's my first trip here and well it really is... it's a lovely place to be because everybody is helpful and friendly. Winnipeg is setting the bar higher."
- Jane Townsley, President, International Association of Women Police
"The Tourism Winnipeg team was simply amazing throughout the whole process. The conference organizing committee and myself could not have pulled this off without Tourism Winnipeg. Everyone who attended was amazed at the positive changes occurring in Winnipeg and commented on how beautiful the City was. They found your tourism brochures very helpful. You are an amazing group of people and your pride in the City, your team’s resourcefulness and seemingly endless energy definitely showed in all our interactions with you. Our conference team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all your and your team’s efforts."
- Jason Egert, Institute of Internal Auditors Canada
"I appreciated the assistance provided by Tourism Winnipeg - it's a great service. I also appreciated receiving promotional materials from you."
- Patty Hawkins, Embroiderers Association of Canada
"Winnipeg has great facilities and is a friendly city to host an international event. The facilities are fairly close to the airport."
- Glen Shaw, Executive Director, Soil Conservation Council of Canada
"Winnipeg is a great destination to host any event. Warm and wonderful."
-Rafi Mohammed, Canadian Dental Association
"We very much appreciated the help, support and resources from Tourism Winnipeg to host our colleagues from across Canada."
- Bobbi Taillefer, Assistant General Secretary, The Manitoba Teachers' Society
"Our association operates locally. Convenience, professionalism of the Convention Centre staff. Thank you for taking the initiative and contacting us prior to our event to determine our needs. It is a pleasure working with you."
- Tara Zukewich, Construction Safety Association of Manitoba
"A great place to experience Manitoba Hospitality."
- Robert H. Rivard, Fenestration Canada
"One of the major benefits for myself and for Can-Do to hold the conference here in Winnipeg is it’s the center of Canada. This way, everybody has the same amount of distance, pretty much, to travel in order to get to Winnipeg. There’ s a major benefit to having any conference here in Winnipeg strictly because of our location and our Aboriginal population. They (delegates) love how close we are to a lot of the Aboriginal communities. We’re less than hour away from a number of Aboriginal communities that people could drive to if they wanted to."
- Norma Spence, Can-Do Board Representative for Manitoba
"Winnipeg is an excellent city to host an event, meeting or convention in. We received assistance from Tourism Winnipeg, the City of Winnipeg, our host hotel Delta Winnipeg and various local businesses which was greatly appreciated."
- Jonathan Niemczak, InterPride
"Everything went very well for our participants; I really appreciate the assistance provided by Tourism Winnipeg."
- Denise Walter, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
"Winnipeg is a transportation hub and is an ideal location for conferences. The hotels are excellent and the conference facilities on par with much larger cities."
- Kathy Chmelnytzki, Transport Institute
"We were surprised at the positive comments about Winnipeg and all there is to do. We were trying to showcase the City. Some of the delegates commented it was the best CPABN conference they have attended. Sometimes you take your own City for granted."
- Kelly Shields, Canadian Property Assessment Benchmarking Network
"Winnipeg is a clear choice for hosting meetings and conventions. It has the diversity and variety to accommodate any type of meeting. There is a lot available in Winnipeg and people are ready to lend you a hand."
- Anders Swanson, Winnipeg Cycling Congress
"With so many exciting new things taking place, it's obvious Winnipeg is a city that reaches for the stars"
- Melanie Rennie, Plan It Management, 2013 Western Aerospace Expo
"Excellent location! Central, affordable with superior service and amenities for delegation."
— Melanie Rennie, Plan It Management, 2013 Western Aerospace Expo
"Winnipeg offers great services in all areas from facilities, food, events and people. The best highlight for the CCEO delegates was the preview to the Canadian Human Rights Museum."
- Susie Mapue, Office Manager-Elections Manitoba
"It's better than you expect! There's a lot more to the city, and it was a fantastic place to take our conference."
- Natalie Wallace, Real Estate Institute of Canada
"Winnipeg provided a great opportunity for individuals from across Canada to meet in the middle. It has great historical and cultural venues for the guests to enjoy as part of our planned events and as part of their own social interactions. It was also quite an economical location to host an event."
- Pam Warkentin, Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists
"Winnipeg is a great city with friendly faces. There is no traffic congestion. The food prices are affordable and there are really good restaurants and tourist sites."
- Sangeetha Nair, Schizophrenia Society of Canada
"With the development of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the vibrancy of the local Indigenous community, Winnipeg is a central destination for scholarly conferences on issues related to human rights and social justice."
- Dr. Andrew Woolford, Professor, Criminology and Social Justice Research Coordinator, Department of Sociology, University of Manitoba
"Heart of the continent is a heart that beats for all. The friendliness, the welcome, the variety. The friendliness of people. One BC participant stated he wanted to attend university here because of the welcoming "vibe".
- Debbie Coss, Local Committee Chair, United Church of Canada
"Winnipeg is a great city --- with so much history and it is so culturally diverse. Great restaurants, shopping, etc."
- Janet Lewis Anderson, Vice-President, Scleroderma Association of Manitoba
"Weather was great, and location at the Forks was well received by all delegates from Winnipeg and from out of Province."
-Allan Amundsen, Director, Purchasing Services, University of Winnipeg
"The hospitality of the universities was exceptional. The student speakers at U of M and CMU were outstanding. The food offered at external venues was fantastic. Venue Hosts were generous, welcoming and accommodating."
- Jennifer McDonald, Canadian Accredited Independent Schools