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Bring it Home Program

IF YOU'RE A BOARD MEMBER, A CONVENTION DELEGATE OR WORK WITHIN A SPECIALIZED AREA OF RESEARCH, then help us grow Winnipeg’s tourism economy by bringing your organization’s annual meeting or convention home. Often, all that is required is an expression of interest to have your event hosted in Winnipeg. Simply put, your influence can help bring a meeting or convention home.

Winnipeg has the capacity to host regional, national and international conventions with its world-class meeting facilities, unique offsite venues, fine accommodations, restaurants and entertainment options. With more than $2 billion dollars in new infrastructure development, there is no better time to show off Winnipeg’s assets.

Bringing your conference home to Winnipeg will:

  • Elevate your organization’s stature amongst peers
  • Achieve recognition of your efforts from your local community organizations, citizens and government
  • Create opportunities to generate income for your research, department or association
  • Attract leaders of your industry to Winnipeg
  • Provide Winnipeg professionals a forum to share their local expertise with colleagues in your industry
  • Raise public awareness and boost credibility for efforts and initiatives related to your field

Let us help you book your meeting or convention in Winnipeg.

Dario Di NellaDario Di Nella,
Business Development Manager

855.PEG.CITY (734.2489)