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ColossoVision is a Canadian supplier of high quality mobile , modular, and creative LED video screens . Over the years the ColossoVision brand has become a recognized trademark in Canada and world wide, which provides clients with the guarantee they are teaming up with a trustworthy and experienced supplier.  With offices and warehousing in six cities in Canada, ColossoVision offers you a consistent quality service and support for all of your events.

Live Video Production Services

  • Production Consultation
  • Technical Design
  • Video Production Equipment
  • Replays for Sporting events
  • Post Production
  • Content creation
  • Wireless technologies
  • SMS
  • Web Streaming

ColossoVisions team works closely with event planners, festival & concert producers, broadcasters, and other industry professionals. We understand and recognize the dynamics of the above mentioned industries.  A part of the dynamics is being flexible on budgets without compromising the quality of the technology or resources provided.