Why Winnipeg?

Imagine a great city.

Now, name all the ingredients that makes a city great.

Start with: smart growth, gentrifications and rejuvenation, all-season recreation for children (and big kids, too), bike paths and eclectic neighbourhoods with local shops.

Then add: diverse restaurants, parks and green spaces, great hotels and venues, and a vibrant arts and culture scene.

Finally, finish with: the ability to attract and host national and international conventions and events.

Add it all up and what do you have? Winnipeg.

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New Developments

Discover the new infrastructure and attractions that can be found in Winnipeg, which has experienced an unprecedented amount of change with more than $2 billion of investment. Bring your next meeting, convention or corporate event to experience the city’s exciting transformation.

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Uniquely Winnipeg

Find out about what makes Winnipeg stand out by seeing our unique features services, amenities and attractions that make Winnipeg a convenient, affordable and memorable destination. It’s time to bring your next meeting or convention to Winnipeg.

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Hear directly from our past clients about the great experiences they had choosing Winnipeg to be the host for their successful meeting, convention or event.

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Bring it Home Program

Make a real difference with your opportunity. If you’re a board member or work within a specialized are of research, you can help us grow Winnipeg’s tourism economy by bringing your organization’s annual meeting or convention home.